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We get a lot of questions. Here are answers to our most popular.

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Our recently formed non-profit arm, Healthy Minds Innovations, Inc. (HMI), is dedicated to supporting the mission of the Center for Healthy Minds to promote well-being and relieve suffering through a scientific understanding of the mind. 

HMI takes the discoveries and insights gleaned from Center research and transforms them into tools and services – as well as helps manage events and public speaking engagements for the Center. 

Ongoing feedback and a wider dissemination of tools will allow for larger data collection, provide refinement, generate ideas for additional research and continually inform the field of the neuroscience of well-being. 

Current Projects

College of Engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison Research Pilot

The UW–Madison College of Engineering, CHM, and HMI are developing and evaluating a radically new learning framework for engineering graduate students that is intended to cultivate a highly creative, innovative and grand-challenge-focused research culture based on mindfulness training with experimental and wait-list control groups of Ph.D. engineering students.

Kindness Curriculum

The Center for Healthy Minds created and investigated a mindfulness-based “Kindness Curriculum,” publishing results suggesting its potential in influencing academic performance, altruism and delay of gratification. The Kindness Curriculum will become available for use free of charge in late Spring 2017. Sign up here to receive a copy of the curriculum when it is released.

Life Reimagined

Center Founder and HMI President Richard Davidson filmed an e-course with Life Reimagined, a subsidiary of AARP and partner of UnitedHealthcare. In this course, Davidson explains what he calls the Six Dimensions of Emotional Style, which are a guide to show how we behave during social interactions while facing adversity and navigating life’s challenges.

Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities

HMI partnered with the Office of Children's Mental Health, Branch2, and SaintA to design and implement the Mobilizing Action for Resilient Communities (MARC) project, an adverse childhood experiences and resilience research initiative in the workplace. A part of a larger project launched by The Health Federation of Philadelphia and supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The California Endowment, the initiative fosters solutions to prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) – such as neglect, abuse and abandonment – in families throughout the nation.

The Well­-Being and Neuroscience Research Consortium

The Well-Being and Neuroscience Research Consortium within the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin–Madison engages corporate partners who are committed to integrating the constituents of well­-being into an organization's mission, culture, leadership and innovative practices in order to collectively create a better world. 

To learn more about membership, please contact Liz Vanderwerff.

Healthy Minds Innovations Board Members

Steve Arnold
Chairman of the Board, Healthy Minds Innovations
Phil Chard
Philip S. Chard
Strategic Advisor, Center for Healthy Minds & Healthy Minds Innovations
Richard J. Davidson
Founder, Center for Healthy Minds & Healthy Minds Innovations, William James & Vilas Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry
Isa Dolski
Director of Administration, Center for Healthy Minds and Assistant Treasurer, Healthy Minds Innovations
Rick Langer
Rick Langer
Secretary and Treasurer, Healthy Minds Innovations
Greg Lynch
Greg Lynch
Board Advisor, Healthy Minds Innovations
Barb Mathison
Executive Director, Center for Healthy Minds & Executive Director and Assistant Secretary, Healthy Minds Innovations
Toni Sikesweb
Toni Sikes
Board Member, Healthy Minds Innovations

Healthy Minds Innovations Staff

Monica Canfield Lenfest
Monica Canfield-Lenfest
Advancement Specialist, Healthy Minds Innovations
Cortland Dahl
Research Scientist, Center for Healthy Minds & Chief Contemplative Officer, Healthy Minds Innovations
Josie Larimer
Project Manager, Healthy Minds Innovations
Jake Moskol
Jake Moskol
Vice President, Partnerships & Innovation, Healthy Minds Innovations
Chelsea Petersen
Operations Team Lead, Healthy Minds Innovations
Liz Vanderwerff
Development Specialist, Center for Healthy Minds & Project Manager, Healthy Minds Innovations
Christy Wilson Mendenhall
Christy Wilson-Mendenhall
Scientific Lead, Healthy Minds Program, Healthy Minds Innovations & Honorary Fellow, Center for Healthy Minds
Joe Zeimentz
Joe Zeimentz
Chief Operating Officer, Healthy Minds Innovations


Healthy Minds Innovations, Inc.

625 W. Washington Ave.

Madison, WI 53703