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Rick Langer
Rick Langer
Secretary and Treasurer, Healthy Minds Innovations

Rick Langer is a volunteer director and Treasurer for Healthy Minds Innovations, Inc. He is a partner in the for-profit law firm, Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP and distinguished in the area of trusts and estates law. Rick is a contributing author and co-author of several books and publications.In addition to his private practice, he has extensive teaching experience at the University of Wisconsin Law School and various bar organizations.

As Secretary and Treasurer of Healthy Minds Innovations, Inc., Rick's duties are spelled out in the organization's bylaws.

Those duties as Secretary include keeping the minutes of the meetings of the board, ensuring that all notices are duly given in accordance with the provisions of the bylaws and serving as the custodian of the corporate records. Those duties as Treasurer include maintaining custody of all funds of the corporation, keeping an accurate accounting of receipts and expenditures, making disbursements and reporting at the annual meeting or as necessary.