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Healthy Minds Program
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Healthy Minds is a comprehensive program that will engage individuals on the road to lasting well-being. The program is pragmatic and experiential, integrating scientific insights with practices that are easy to learn. By participating in the program, you and your teams can gain skills that foster an organizational culture of engagement and success, supporting employees and leaders in addressing the unique challenges facing next-stage enterprises.

By building personal capacities for awareness, connection, insight and purpose, the program lays the foundation for individual and collective well-being, which are critical for creating fully engaged, self-managed, healthy and mission-driven workforces.

The program is supported by a mobile app, in-person trainings led by senior scientists and meditation experts, and a variety of resources to reinforce the benefits of the training. Participants will have the unique opportunity to participate in groundbreaking research and to assess the effects of the program through rigorous scientific research.

The program is designed to further the scientific understanding of the nature of well-being, how it can be cultivated, and the relationship between well-being and a variety of real-world outcomes.

Program Benefits

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