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Body Movement Practice for Kids

In collaboration with Wisconsin Public Television, Center well-being expert Abby Lindemann shares a short body movement practice for kids. 

The practice teaches children to tune into bodies and express what they're feeling through different postures. This video is part of a series of well-being videos for young viewers.

Body Movement Practice

We often don't think about our body posture, but when we bring awareness to our bodies, we can notice some pretty cool things. Let's try an experiment. Wherever you are, get up. Now imagine you're feeling sad. What might that look like for your body? I might start to hunch my shoulders and get real small. This is what sadness looks like in my body position. How about you? What does sadness look like to you?

Now that we're in a sad position, let's try to create a happy feeling. Let's try and think about things that make us happy, like our friends, playing games, or smiling. Now move our body to what happy feels like. This is what happy feels like to me in my body. It might be harder to feel sad when you're in this posture. Notice what happy feels like in your body.

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