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What if kindness and compassion were taught in schools just like math and reading? What if kids were taught how to pay attention not only to lessons, but also their own emotions? What if we all took steps to improve well-being in our lives and communities?

At the Center for Healthy Minds, we ask these questions through the lens of the latest science and research.

That's why we we’re making our mindfulness-based Kindness Curriculum, a set of practices used in one of our studies in preschool classrooms, freely available to you in the coming months.

Scientists and experts who worked on this curriculum continue to expand the research, which not only includes efforts to replicate our research findings but also to spread them far and wide. For example, we had the unique honor of sharing insights from studying the Kindness Curriculum with Sesame Street Workshop to help shape their Spring 2017 season on “Kindness.”

Since the curriculum has been used as a research tool until now, we're putting the final touches on an update that will be more user-friendly for you and your schools. We're excited to send a copy to you when it becomes available in a few months.

Until then, we encourage you to peruse offerings of other organizations in this area such as Growing Minds: Calm Classrooms & Caring Schools,, Brown University Contemplative Studies Initiative, Garrison Institute Initiative on Contemplation and Education, the Inner Kids Program, the Mindfulness in Education Network, Mindful Schools Program, MindUP Program, Still Quiet Place Program, Stressed Teens Program and the Wellness Works in Schools Program.

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