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News: Contemplative Studies

Richie Karmapa 4
Karmapa Visits University of Wisconsin-Madison
September 13, 2018

Hosted by the Center for Healthy Minds, His Holiness the 17th Karmapa visited the University of Wisconsin-Madison to discuss how religious leaders could more effectively work with scientists, academics and global experts on addressing environmental and social issues

Dunne News Web
Meeting of the Minds
September 21, 2016

Center faculty member John Dunne fosters cross-disciplinary connections that lead to revolutionary research

Mri Scan Patient Researcher
Mind Over Matter? Mapping the Two-Way Street of the Brain and Immune System
September 1, 2016

Center for Healthy Minds studies explore the influence of the brain on inflammatory diseases such as asthma

Close up of police car lights
Center for Healthy Minds Teams Up with Madison Police Department to Foster Officer Well-Being
August 23, 2016

A pilot study from the Center will explore the impact of mindfulness-based practices on officers’ physical and mental well-being

Man Breathing Eyes Closed seb_ra iStock Web
Intensive Meditation Practices Linked to Slower Respiration Rate
August 15, 2016

How can long-term meditation practice - and especially intensive training - have a lasting impact on practitioners in their everyday lives?

Meditation  Park Photo By Sebastian Wiertz Flickr CC
Mindfulness and Beyond
July 20, 2015

Center researchers and scholars are just beginning to explore how meditation affects well-being

Brain Heart Illustration by Yasmeen via Flickr Cc
Can Love Change Your Mind? New Project Explores Neuroscience of ‘Positive Qualities’
September 10, 2008

Grant from Fetzer Institute allows Davidson's lab to explore the impact of love, other positive qualities on the brain

fMRI Scan Screen Machine
Brain Scans Show Meditation Changes Minds, Increases Attention
June 25, 2007

Center Founder Richard Davidson, researchers find meditation increases activity in brain regions associated with attention, decision-making

Focus Car Path photo by Talha_shahzad_photography I Stock Web
Meditation May Fine-Tune Control Over Attention
May 8, 2007

Center Founder Richard Davidson, research group find meditation may have lasting impact on brain's ability to regulate attention

Brain Computer Circuits Lexaarts I Stock Web
Study: Meditation Changes the Brain’s Electrical Pattern
October 16, 2004

Study led by Center Founder Richard Davidson comparing brain-oscillation patterns shows higher frequency in brains of long-term Buddhist meditation practitioners than novice students in both meditative and resting states.

Woman Smiling Railing Outside Ridofranz I Stock
Meditation Produces Positive Changes in the Brain
February 6, 2003

Center Founder Richard Davidson leads study that finds lasting changes in brain, immune system due to participation in short mindfulness meditation program

Dalai Lama Handshake Cropped Jeff Miller Web
The Dalai Lama and Scientists Unite to Study Meditation
May 23, 2001

Center Founder Richard Davidson, Dalai Lama, scientists and researchers gather on UW–Madison campus to discuss collaboration, continued scientific research on meditation