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Donal Mac Coon
Donal MacCoon
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Donal’s primary research area is on one planet thriving (aka sustainable well-being). He has developed a model, Context Appropriate Balanced Attention (MacCoon, et al., 2004), to describe the role of attention in emotion regulation and has applied and tested the model with anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, mindfulness practices (he has been instrumental in designing a robust active control for testing the effects of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), and has focused on applying this thinking to the goal of thriving on one planet’s worth of resources (highlighted by Lion's Roar).

He maintains a private practice in Madison where he focuses on contemplative psychotherapy, emotion regulation and work with couples. As a national speaker, he uses science, music and clinical experience to educate audiences on themes related to mindfulness and One Planet Thriving.

What does well-being mean to me?

"Well-being is physical and mental health, and time to enjoy them. I think it is important that we humans achieve our well-being with lifestyles that use only one planet’s worth of resources – sustainable well-being, or, one planet thriving."