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Media Coverage

Chippewa Valley Familyweb
Mindfulness in the Classroom
Feb 02, 2017
A story about well-being practices in the classroom includes Center for Healthy Minds research findings
Capital Times Web
Morning Briefing: Madison Experts Influence ‘Sesame Street’
Jan 28, 2017
The Capital Times shares how the Center for Healthy Minds shared its research findings with Sesame Street Workshop
Channel3000 Web
UW Center Has Hand in Upcoming 'Sesame Street' Season
Jan 25, 2017
Channel 3000 interviews Center education expert Lisa Thomas Prince on kindness research and a recent collaboration with Sesame Street
Chronicle Higher Edweb
Taking Mindfulness to the Streets
Jan 22, 2017
The Chronicle of Higher Education features a research collaboration between Center scientists and the Madison Police Department
Post Crescentweb
Mental health trauma didn't set Reyna's destiny
Jan 20, 2017
Center Founder Richard Davidson shares research findings on emotional well-being for youth.
Wkow Web
UW Brings Kindness to Sesame Street
Jan 09, 2017
WKOW features Center for Healthy Minds collaboration with Sesame Street Workshop
Usatoday Web
How to Spend More Mindfully in the New Year
Jan 08, 2017
USA Today interviews Center expert Cortland Dahl on the science of meditation
Brava Magazineweb
Human Kind
Dec 05, 2016
Brava Magazine explores humans tendency for good with Center Founder Richard Davidson
Epoch Times Web
Winning Games, Losing Life
Dec 02, 2016
The Epoch Times shares neuroscientific research from the Center for Healthy Minds
San Francisco Chronicleweb
Small offices taking a fresh position on yoga
Nov 21, 2016
The San Francisco Chronicle cites Center research on inflammation and immune responses
Gratitude and Mindfulness in a Time of Uncertainty
Nov 20, 2016
Psychology Today cites research on well-being from the Center for Healthy Minds
Madison Magazine Web
The M List 2016: Richard Davidson
Oct 20, 2016
Center for Healthy Minds Founder Richard Davidson makes Madison Magazine's "M List"
Time Web
The Mindful Classroom
Oct 03, 2016
Lisa Flook, Center expert and researcher, reflects on larger trends of studying well-being in the classroom
Isthmus Wen
Stress Control
Sep 29, 2016
A pilot study from the Center will explore the impact of mindfulness-based practices on officers’ physical and mental well-being
Badger Herald Web
UW Teams up with Madison Police Department to Improve Officer Well-Being
Sep 12, 2016
Center Assistant Scientist Dan Grupe discusses a pilot study between the Center and the Madison Police Department
Live Science Web
Designer Thinks About Death Every Hour: Why Do We Dwell on Dying?
Sep 08, 2016
Center Assistant Scientist Pelin Kesebir discusses why we think about death
Wisconsin Public Radio
Global Well-Being
Aug 28, 2016
Center Founder Richard Davidson discusses well-being as a skill that can be learned
Abcnews Web
Neuroscientist Richie Davidson Says Dalai Lama Gave Him 'a Total Wake-Up Call' that Changed His Research Forever
Jul 27, 2016
Center Founder Richard Davidson discusses his research and personal meditation practice with Dan Harris on his podcast "10% Happier"
Huffington Post Web
Brain Mapping: Getting It Right
Jul 21, 2016
Center associate scientist Jeanette Mumford contributes to larger conversations taking place in the field of fMRI research
Stat Web
Can a Stint in the ‘Fever Machine’ Treat Depression?
Jul 19, 2016
Center faculty member Charles Raison explores hyperthermia as a possible alternative to traditional antidepressants
Huffington Post Web
How We Can Change Our Minds — Literally — To Make Kinder, More Accepting Societies
Jun 24, 2016
In response to recent tragedies, Center Founder Richard Davidson talks about how we can take action by training our brains to cultivate kindness and acceptance – leading to a more compassionate society for all
Buzzfeed News Web
Scientists Test Ancient Body-Warming Method as Depression Treatment
May 20, 2016
BuzzFeed News provides an overview of Center faculty member Charles Raison's study on hyperthermia as a treatment for depression
Wisconsin State Jounral Web
Mindfulness and Dodging the Second Arrow
May 08, 2016
Center faculty member John Dunne discusses how contemplative practices such as mindfulness can help prevent stressful thoughts from magnifying stressful situations
Reuters Web
Mindfulness Therapy Works for Recurrent Depression
Apr 29, 2016
Richard Davidson discusses a University of Oxford study on mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and depression relapse for which he wrote an accompanying editorial
Huffington Post Web
The Wake-Up Call That Transformed Neuroscientist Richard Davidson’s Life
Apr 28, 2016
Center Founder Richard Davidson discusses the question asked by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 1992 that forever changed Davidson's research on the mind, brain and emotion
Live Science Web
'Mindfulness' May Keep Depression from Coming Back
Apr 27, 2016
Richard Davidson discusses the promising results and new questions raised by a University of Oxford study on mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and the risk of relapse for individuals living with depression
Capital Times Web
Madison Startup Uses Mindfulness to Help Teachers Take Care of Their Students and Themselves
Apr 13, 2016
Mindfulness, meditation and yoga programs, including the Center for Healthy Minds' Kindness Curriculum, are an increasingly popular way of addressing the high stress levels in schools
Huffington Post Web
Why Women’s Well-Being Should Take Center Stage
Apr 13, 2016
Richard Davidson and friend of the Center Sona Dimidjian discuss their research on the particular vulnerability of women to mental health disorders and what can be done to improve well-being
Nat Geo Logo Web
Crossing Over: How Science Is Redefining Life and Death
Apr 01, 2016
National Geographic explores the growing body of scientific research on the "gray area" between life and death, including Center Founder Richard Davidson's research on the Buddhist post-death phenomenon of thukdam
Greater Good Science Center Web
The Four Keys to Well-Being
Mar 21, 2016
Richard Davidson explains the four scientifically-supported constituents of well-being discovered through the Center's research
Momseveryday Show Thumbnail
Mindfulness in the Classroom
Mar 15, 2016
The MomsEveryday Show explores the Center's research partnership with the Madison Metropolitan School District
Channel3000 Web
MPD Officers Could be in Mindfulness Study
Mar 15, 2016
The Madison Police Department explores the possibility for a mindfulness study and long-term partnership with the Center for Healthy Minds
Abcnews Web
What the Dalai Lama Suggests Is the Key to Living a Happier Life
Mar 10, 2016
His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Richard Davidson sit down with Dan Harris to discuss how physical and mental well-being can be improved
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Web
Dalai Lama Brings Message of Peace, Nonviolence to Madison
Mar 09, 2016
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel covers the Dalai Lama's peaceful message during his 10th visit to Madison
Daily Cardinal Web
Dalai Lama, Experts Look to Future of Global Well-Being
Mar 09, 2016
UW–Madison student newspaper covers His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 10th visit to Madison
Lacrosse Tribune Web
During 10th Visit to Madison, Dalai Lama Will Offer Teaching, Appear on Panel
Mar 08, 2016
Coverage of the Dalai Lama's visit to Madison and the Center for Healthy Minds
Wuwm Muilwaukee Public Radio
Fit For You: Mindfulness
Feb 29, 2016
Art therapist Carrie Danhieux-Poole talks about mindfulness and coloring books for adults in relation to well-being
Greater Good Science Center Web
What if Schools Taught Kindness?
Feb 01, 2016
Center researchers Laura Pinger and Lisa Flook discuss the impact of the Center's Kindness Curriculum on pre-kindergarten classrooms
Greater Good Science Center Web
The Four Constituents of Well-Being
Jan 31, 2016
Richard Davidson speaks about the four science-based keys to achieving well-being and how they can be implemented in the workplace
Wisdom Research Web
Conversations on Wisdom: Richard J. Davidson
Jan 04, 2016
Richard Davidson discusses his journey into studying the science behind mindfulness and the research that has resulted
Wall Street Journal Web
Can Meditation Gadgets Help You Reduce Your Stress—and Find Happiness?
Dec 31, 2015
Richard Davidson weighs in on the use of EEG biofeedback in meditation training
WebMD Web
'Tis the Season for Toxic Comparison
Dec 14, 2015
Center for Healthy Minds faculty member Charles Raison explains the importance of accepting yourself during the holiday season
More Than Sound Web
Develop a Healthy Mind: How Focus Impacts Brain Function
Nov 25, 2015
In a conversation with Daniel Goleman, Richard Davidson discusses innovative practices in cognitive control for children, including ways to help them quickly recover from upsets and return to the task is at hand
More Than Sound Web
What to Do When Worry Dominates Your Attention
Nov 19, 2015
In a conversation with Daniel Goleman, Richard Davidson discusses about the role of attention training in optimal brain functions
New York Times
Ask Well: The Health Benefits of Meditation
Nov 10, 2015
Center Founder Richard Davidson shares what's known – and unknown – about the health benefits of meditation
Huffington Post Web
How Science Can Inform Good Leadership
Oct 26, 2015
Richard Davidson provides three strategies for leaders and managers to consider to cultivate well-being at work
Quiet Revolution
The Surprising Benefits of a Quiet Ego
Oct 20, 2015
The Quiet Revolution shares research on well-being from Center Scientist Pelin Kesebir
Lion's Roar Web
Thupten Jinpa, Richard Davidson, Richard Gere to Attend Dalai Lama’s Liberty Medal Ceremony
Oct 08, 2015
Richard Davidson and Thupten Jinpa accept Liberty Medal on behalf of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
This Neuroscientist Proves Well-Being Can Change the Brain
Oct 07, 2015
A look at research from Richard Davidson and the Center
Usnews Web
Feel-Good Science: Why Some People Savor Positive Emotions Longer
Sep 24, 2015
U.S News and World Report features research on the science of savoring from the Center for Healthy Minds
Quartz Web
Neuroscience Backs Up the Buddhist Belief That “The Self” Isn’t Constant, but Ever-Changing
Sep 20, 2015
A paper from the Center on cognitive mechanisms in meditation practice is featured
Wisconsin Public Radio
The Science of Mindfulness
Aug 13, 2015
Central Time talk show gets the latest on the science of mindfulness and well-being from Center Founder Richard Davidson
Richard Davidson: Well-Being is a Skill
Aug 10, 2015
Mindful Magazine shares ideas from Lead Neuroscientist Richard Davidson
The Neuroscience of Meditation, and the Virtues of Shutting Up
Aug 05, 2015
Research from the Center for Healthy Minds enriches a larger conversation on mindfulness and well-being in Newsweek
How the Brain Changes When You Meditate
Aug 05, 2015
Richard Davidson shares why intentional training of the brain can improve well-being
Huffington Post Web
The Power of Mindful Leadership
Jul 27, 2015
Bill George draws from Center research in describing ways to be a mindful leader
World Post Web
Pixar's 'Inside Out' Reminds Us to Manage Emotions by Training Our Brain
Jul 24, 2015
Richard Davidson explains the real-life science behind emotions featured in the Pixar film "Inside Out"
Irish Times Web
That’s Men: Forget about the Future, Be Positive about the Past
Jul 21, 2015
Featuring research on emotions from the Center
Inbusiness Web
Tune Out Distraction, Turn Up Productivity
Jul 10, 2015
In Business Madison features insights from the Center's growing research in the workplace
Today Show
Seeking Happiness at Work? Try These Simple Practices to Turn it Around
Jul 07, 2015
Center experts share with the Today Show what we know so far about well-being in the workplace
Mens Journal Web
Educate Your Heart: Lessons from the Dalai Lama
Jul 06, 2015
Center Founder Richard Davidson shares the latest on the science of empathy
The Atlantic Web
The Buddhist and the Neuroscientist
Jul 04, 2015
The Atlantic chronicles the Center's discoveries in context to Richard Davidson's friendship with the Dalai Lama
Aspen Institute Web
Circuit Training for Your Brain: Well-Being is a Skill
Jul 04, 2015
Center Founder Richard Davidson shares the science behind training your brain
The Atlantic Web
Empathy: Overrated?
Jul 03, 2015
Center Neuroscientist Richard Davidson and Paul Bloom, fellow expert, challenge what we think we know about empathy
Medium Web
How to Be Mindful in the Real World
Jul 02, 2015
Richard Davidson discusses neuroplasticty and contemplative practice
To Best Knowledge Web
Can a Video Game Teach Kids to Meditate?
Jun 28, 2015
To the Best of Our Knowledge explores how videos can promote well-being with Center Expert Tammi Kral
Huffington Post Web
Five Videos that Prove Meditation is the New Brain Medicine
Jun 24, 2015
Huffington Post features Richard Davidson's video explaining the science of mindfulness and stress
More Than Sound Web
A Force for Good: Partnering with Science
Jun 22, 2015
Center Founder Richard Davidson's research is featured in this podcast on the science of well-being
Open Democracy Web
Can You Train Your Brain to Be More Compassionate?
Jun 17, 2015
Featuring compassion research from the Center
Epoch Times Web
How People With Higher Moral Reasoning and Kindness Have Different Brains
Jun 10, 2015
Featuring compassion research from he Center, led by Helen Weng
Nbc15 Web
Managing Emotions Positively with Center Collaborator Shilagh Mirgain
Jun 06, 2015
Well-Being Expert and Collaborator Shilagh Mirgain gives tips to overcome difficult emotions for greater well-being
Behindchair Web
Behind the Chair Well-Being Study and the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds
Jun 03, 2015
Behind the Chair joins Science Co-Director Robin Goldman and Expert Jeanne Harris to learn more about the Center
Nbc15 Web
Strengthen Your Ability To Focus: Interview with Center Collaborator Shilagh Mirgain
May 14, 2015
NBC 15 talks about attention and focus with Shilagh Mirgain
News8000 Web
Compassion Tiles to Hang Permanently on La Crosse Middle School Walls
Apr 27, 2015
News 8000 covers compassion project, a collaboration of the Center
Badger Herald Web
From Infants to Buddhist Monks, UW Research Center Studies Science Behind Mental Well-Being
Apr 27, 2015
UW–Madison student newspaper The Badger Herald talks with the Center for Healthy Minds about their Baby Brain and Behavior project
World Post Web
Why Well-Being Is a Skill That Can Be Learned
Apr 23, 2015
Lead Neuroscientist Richard Davidson shares the science of well-being, featured in the 2015 World Happiness Report
Pacific Standard Web
From Humbug! to Humble: The Power of the Scrooge Effect
Apr 13, 2015
Center Scientist Pelin Kesebir talks about the buffering effects of positive behavior and emotions
Mind Body Spirit Living Web
Using Meditation as a Tool for Daily Balance with Cortland Dahl
Apr 04, 2015
Center graduate student Cortland Dahl explores the interface between the body, mind and brain
Huffington Post Live Web
How Teaching Kindness Helps Children Succeed
Mar 23, 2015
Huffington Post Live talks about child well-being with teachers who collaborated with the Center's Kindness Curriculum Project
The Atlantic Web
How Uncertainty Fuels Anxiety
Mar 18, 2015
Center scientist Dan Grupe discusses the science of worry and anxiety
Expanded Schools Web
'One Size Will Not Fit All:' Q&A with Richard Davidson
Mar 03, 2015
Expanded Schools and Center Founder Richard Davidson talk about the latest in social emotional learning
Wisconsin State Jounral Web
Research Results from Madison Schools Suggest Kindness, Compassion Can Be Taught
Feb 15, 2015
A look at the Center's Kindness Curriculum and well-being in children
Big Think Web
Teaching Kindness Boosts Preschoolers' Achievement
Feb 01, 2015
Featuring research from the Center's Kindness Curriculum
New York Magazine Web
A Wisconsin Preschool Tried a "Kindness Curriculum"
Jan 28, 2015
New York Magazine reports on the Center's first study examining the effects of its Kindness Curriculum
Huffington Post Web
This Professor Says Learning To Be Happy Is 'No Different Than Learning The Violin'
Jan 23, 2015
Richard Davidson shares why well-being is a skill that can be learned at the World Economic Forum
How Mindfulness Changes the Brain
Jan 15, 2015
Mindful Magazine draws from Center Founder Richard Davidson's work on the neuroscience of meditation
Wisconsin Public Radio
UW Psychologist Offers Tips, Tools for Lasting New Year's Resolutions
Jan 06, 2015
Center collaborator Shilagh Mirgain shares four basic “building blocks” that can help an individual fullfill their New Year's resolution
More Than Sound Web
It’s Time to Demystify Meditation
Jan 05, 2015
The Center's work plays a role in a larger conversation about meditation
Linked In Web
Research: The Key Ingredient to Genuine Happiness
Dec 03, 2014
Author Dan Goleman includes the Center's science in exploring what makes us happy
Fast Company Web
Want to Train Your Brain To Feel More Compassion? Here's How
Oct 15, 2014
Center Collaborator Helen Weng shares her discoveries on the science of compassion with Fast Company
Huffington Post Web
Our Digital Device Addiction is Causing A 'National Attention Deficit'
Oct 03, 2014
Richard Davidson and Huffington Post Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington examine how to improve well-being
Inbusiness Web
Calming Influences: Area Conference Aims to Create More Mindful Leaders
Oct 01, 2014
In Business profiles the Center's event on well-being and mindful leadership
Wisconsin Public Radio
UW-Madison Research Suggests Yoga Breathing Technique Could Help Treat PTSD
Sep 15, 2014
Wisconsin Public Radio shares early findings from a Center study on PTSD
Better World Web
Show Featuring Richard Davidson
Sep 07, 2014
Radio show discusses the science of well-being with Center Founder Richard Davidson
Korn Ferry Institute Web
The Happiness Quest
Aug 11, 2014
Discussing broader mental health topics, Korn Ferry Institute features studies conducted at the Center
America Meditating Web
The Emotional Life of Your Brain with Richard Davidson
Jul 21, 2014
America Meditating Radio Show interviews Center Founder Richard Davidson
Nbcnews Web
Life Ed: Making Meditation Part of Daily Life
Jul 09, 2014
Maria Shriver talks well-being and the science of mindfulness with Center Founder Richard Davidson
News8000 Web
Richard Davidson's speech at 'La Crosse Compassion Project Live!'
Jul 07, 2014
NBC 8000 shares the Center's collaboration with the La Cross Compassion Project
World Science Festival Web
Enlightened Neurons: Can Meditation Beef Up Brain Regions?
Jun 26, 2014
The World Science Festival draws on the Center's research to answer an engaging science question
Huffington Post Web
Science Insider with David Freeman featuring Richard Davidson
Jun 24, 2014
A conversation on the science of well-being and tips for daily life from Center Founder Richard Davidson