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Guanmin Liu2
Guanmin Liu
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Center for Healthy Minds

Guanmin is interested in studying positive social emotion and pro-social behavior on behavioral, neural and genetic levels. He is also fascinated by the possibility of facilitating these emotions and behaviors with meditation. During his graduate studies, he mainly focused on the neurobiological basis of gratitude. Additionally, Guanmin researched happiness and moral elevation with genetic, neural functional and structural measures. He is now exploring the neural basis of self-compassion and the impact of self-compassion training on pro-social behavior.


B.Ec., International Economics, East China University of Science and Technology

M.Ed., Psychological Health Education, East China Normal University

Ph.D., Social Psychology, Tsinghua University

What does well-being mean to me?

"Well-being is the ability to appreciate what you own and look on the bright side of everything."