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Hill Goldsmith
Hill Goldsmith
Mark and Ilene Laufman Family Professor & Antoine Bascom Professor & Leona Tyler Professor of Psychology, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Hill currently holds three distinguished professorships at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He has published more than 135 professional articles and chapters and has a long history of grant support from the National Institutes of Health and other organizations.

Hill participates in developmental and clinical graduate training programs in the Department of Psychology and the Waisman Center. Generally, his research concerns children's emotional development, behavioral challenges and the autism spectrum. His research incorporates perspectives of psychology, genetics, neuroscience and developmental epidemiology, and he's been recognized as a leading theorist of human temperament and a key empirical contributor to the fields of developmental behavioral genetics and childhood psychopathology. Hill is currently Principal Investigator on six external grants, an investigator in three centers, and a faculty member on three training grants. His highly collaborative research involves many UW–Madison faculty and colleagues at other institutions.


PhD, University of Minnesota

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