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Isa Dolski
Associate Director, Center for Healthy Minds and Ex Officio Board Member, Healthy Minds Innovations

As the Associate Director for the Center for Healthy Minds, Isa provides oversight and leadership for all areas of Center operations including strategic planning, communications, philanthropy, grants, development and administration of the Center's annual budget, personnel, instructional activities, regulatory issues, and facilities.

She has spent more than 25 years working with Richard Davidson in the areas of affective and contemplative neuroscience. Isa is deeply committed to the integrity of CHM and contributing to the success, sustainability and impact of the work in the Center.

Isa also holds an officer role as Assistant Treasurer for Healthy Minds Innovations, Inc., a nonprofit supporting the mission and vision of the Center for Healthy Minds. As Assistant Treasurer of HMI, Isa assists the Treasurer with financial oversight.