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Joseph Wielgosz
Graduate Student, Center for Healthy Minds

Joseph is a graduate student in the Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program. His research focus is on integrative models of emotional and mental health, with a particular focus on embodied and somatic factors in emotion regulation.

His projects include studies of respiration patterns, and their relationships to emotion processing and mindfulness training; the role of body posture in threat responding; and contributions to the Veterans Wellness project.

Prior to joining the Center, Joseph worked as a scientific programmer at two research labs, and a software developer at a startup company. In his spare time, he enjoys building analysis and data management tools to support the Center's research community.


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M.S., Psychology, University of Wisconsin–Madison

B.A., Mathematics, Washington University in St. Louis

What does well-being mean to me?

"I see well-being as a harmony of body, mind, social community, and living environment. When we tend carefully to all of these, the eventual reward can be a sustainable sense of purpose, contentment and joy."