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Martina Ly
Martina Ly
Former Honorary Fellow, Center for Healthy Minds

Dates of Employment: February 2011 - August 2016; Honorary Fellow: September 2016 - August 2018

Martina was an honorary fellow at the Center for Healthy Minds and former graduate student in the Neuroscience Training Program, under the advising of Barbara Bendlin, in the Department of Medicine, and Center Founder Richard Davidson, in the departments of Psychiatry and Psychology. Her graduate work was focused on understanding age-related brain and cognitive changes as well as determining the effect of negative and protective factors on aging, focusing on defining the characteristics of successful aging. Her work centered on characterizing structural and functional brain changes in aging.

In addition, she drew from multiple neuroimaging modalities to assess the impact of stress, inflammation, cognitive reserve and mindfulness training on brain and psychological outcomes.

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B.A., Neuroscience, Scripps College