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Mirtha Sosa Pacheo
Mirtha Sosa Pacheco
Outreach Program Coordinator, Loka Initiative, Center for Healthy Minds

Mirtha works at the Loka Initiative as a Communications & Outreach Program Coordinator. Mirtha graduated from Marquette University with a BA, in an interdisciplinary academic background of Spanish Language, Literature and Culture, Social Welfare and Justice, and Health Studies. Prior to working with Loka, she was the Milwaukee Program Manager for the All of Us Research Program at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, Health Research Coordinator at the United Community Center (UCC), and a Project Coordinator at the WI Bike Fed. When not laboring to help create systemic space and access for the health of vulnerable and underrepresented communities, Mirtha likes to bike, hike, and birdwatch with her family and is in the process of converting her lawn to a WI native plant garden. Mirtha was born in Yucatán, MX, grew up on Milwaukee's Southside, and currently lives in Milwaukee’s Wilson Park neighborhood.