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Sarah Skinner
Sarah E. Skinner
Research Specialist, Institute on Aging

Sarah is working on the Microglial Activation in Asthma study, which uses PET and MRI to determine how airway inflammation due to asthma is associated with neuroinflammation - an increase in activated microglia. It also seeks to understand what the long-term impact of this neuroinflammation might be. She is also working on a study looking at the efficacy of the Healthy Minds Program, which uses research-based practices to teach people how to train the mind and cultivate well-being.

Sarah has previous research experience working in labs looking at how chronic stress impacts the response to emotional stimuli, how children’s brains change as they learn and factors that may be associated with the structural and functional connectivity differences observed in people with depression.


B.S., Neurobiology and Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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