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Scott Anderson
Scott Anderson
Graduate Student, Department of Kinesiology and Founder, YogAutism

Scott is a graduate student with the Department of Kinesiology. Scott has deeply explored the interface of body and mind through seated meditation and the physical practices of yoga postures and breathing. His current research focuses on yoga's potential to facilitate down-regulation of the autonomic nervous system as well as techniques to make these benefits accessible to diverse populations.

Scott is the founder of YogAutism (formerly known as Spectrum Yoga Therapy), which bridges the communities of yoga practitioners and those with Autism Spectrum Disorder. More information can be found at


B.S., Physics; Minor, Mathematics

What does well-being mean to me?

"I believe well-being is grounded in appreciation. While we all have our challenges, I believe that a goodness resides within each of us. Recognizing the inherent goodness that’s inside each of us generates an appreciation that leads to well-being."