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Sharee Light
Former Graduate Student, Center for Healthy Minds

Dates of Employment: July 2006 - August 2012

As a graduate student at the Center for Healthy Minds, Sharee investigated the behavioral, neural, and psychophysiological correlates of positive emotions, including empathy, joy, and contentment. She also had an interest in how positive affect goes awry in certain psychiatric disorders such as Major Depressive Disorder, and studied the symptom of anhedonia in a clinical sample.

Sharee is currently an assistant professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Georgia State University in Atlanta, where she is conducting a neuroimaging study at the Georgia State/Georgia Tech Center for Advanced Brain Imaging (CABI), looking at empathic concern versus empathic happiness using the same video clips used for her dissertation at UW–Madison to evoke empathy. Sharee's lab is devoted to the study of positive affect from a neuroscience perspective.