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Tenzin Bhuchung
Tenzin Bhuchung
Former Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Healthy Minds

An ethnic Tibetan who grew up in India, Tenzin Bhuchung has been a long-term student and practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism. After graduating from the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies, Varanasi, India, Tenzin has translated for and studied under many prominent lamas from all the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Tenzin Bhuchung is interested in exploring the relationship between discursive Buddhist philosophy and nondual meditation practice and how it may inform the development of well-being and flourishing. His dissertation entitled Gampopa’s Mahāmudrā: View, Meditation and Conduct is the first book-length study on Gampopa’s Mahāmudrā works presenting it through the traditional rubric of view (lta ba), meditation (sgom pa) and conduct (spyod pa). In addition to investigating the complex relationship between Buddhist philosophy and meditation, the dissertation explored the development of styles of nondual contemplative practice that have been the subject of empirical studies at CHM.


PhD, Religious Studies, Emory University, USA

MA, Asian Studies, UC Berkeley, USA

BA with Honors, Political Science, University of Tasmania, Australia

Shastri, Tibetan Buddhist Studies, Central Institute for Higher Tibetan Studies, India

What does well-being mean to me?

A life filled with a sense of joy through training in compassion, mindfulness meditation and ethical conduct that promotes both mental and physical health.