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Yulia Zhironkina
Director of the Foundation for the Preservation of Cultural and Philosophical Traditions of Tibetan Buddhism “Save Tibet Foundation” (Moscow, Russia); Collaborator, Tukdam Study, CHM Collaboration

Yulia serves as the Director of the Foundation for the Preservation of Cultural and Philosophical Traditions of Tibetan Buddhism “Save Tibet Foundation” in Moscow, Russia and President of Tibet House Moscow. She is an advisor of the Russian Meditation and Tukdam Research Project led by Svyatoslav Medvedev, which the Russian research team started independently in 2018 before His Holiness requested the CHM and Russian teams collaborate on the Joint Tukdam Research Project starting in 2020. In her capacity as Director of Save Tibet Foundation, Yulia has been involved in multiple projects promoting basic values of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition as well as key ideas of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in the Russian Federation since 1990s. She is Editor-in-Chief of the Nalanda Book Series published by Save Tibet Foundation under the recommendation of His Holiness. Among the volumes published are major texts by Shantarakshita, Shantideva, Kamalashila, Maytreya/Asanga, Jey Tsongkhapa and other illustrious Buddhist authors. The Foundation also publishes a Buddhism and Science Series to provide Russian readers a glimpse into the ongoing dialogue between Buddhism and modern science. Yulia is among the main organizers of a series of dialogues between leading Russian scientists and Buddhist scholars, including His Holiness under the general title “Fundamental knowledge: dialogue between Russian and Buddhist scholars” (“Nature of Consciousness”, 2017, Delhi, India; “Understanding the World”, 2018, Dharamsala, India), as well as the first international forum “Animal Consciousness” (2023, Dharamsala, India) supervised by the full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences prof. Konstantin Anokhin. Since 2009, with Save Tibet Foundation, she co-organizes a series of teachings by His Holiness for the Russian Buddhists in Delhi, Dharamsala and Riga and also maintains an official Russian language website of His Holiness ( Yulia herself has been acting as simultaneous interpreter of His Holiness the Dalai Lama as well as a number of prominent Buddhist masters. Since 2023 the Foundation cooperates with Tibet House Delhi in providing a Russian version of the famous Nalanda courses developed by Geshe Dorji Damdul. Based upon long-term contacts established by the Foundation with various Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and Tibetan Buddhist masters Yulia acts as advisor and coordinator of the Russian Meditation and Tukdam Research Project, which has collaborated on the Joint Tukdam Research Project with CHM since 2020.


Graduate, Department of Biology, Moscow Pedagogical University
Graduate, Moscow Linguistic University, written translation and consecutive/simultaneous interpretation (English and French)


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