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[Event Postponed] Expanding Capacities for Joy and Connection: Science and Practice

Apr 4 to 12:00AM

The event is currently postponed. Check back for a rescheduled date.

The latest research now shows us that meditation actually changes the structure of the brain and the expression of our genes—for the better. But what about our ability to increase compassion and strengthen our relationships?

Join Center Founder and Director Richard Davidson and Lama Tsomo, author and ordained lama, at the San Francisco Dharma Collective for a unique exploration into the human brain and capacity of heart.

Listen in as these two friends explore how meditation enhances the capacity for compassion for oneself and others, and how these practices actually work so we can experience greater meaning, connection, and happiness in life.

Lama Tsomo will teach a foundational compassion practice that anyone can do at anytime. They invite you to do your own experiment, to observe its effect on you—both in the moment and over time!

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