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News: Well-Being In The Workplace

Person Standing On Pavement With Directional Arrows Pointing Around Them
Designing a University Around Well-Being and Purpose
October 22, 2019

Tecmilenio University in Mexico was experiencing a decline in enrollment. Leadership analyzed the needs of the university community, and based on those findings decided to reposition the university around well-being and purpose in life. Héctor Mauricio Escamilla Santana leads the university and sat down with us to talk about how a focus on purpose has changed their entire culture. 

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Helping Social Change Makers Through a Culture of Well-Being
May 1, 2019

The Wellbeing Project, a global initiative focusing on cultures of well-being for social change institutions, visited the Center for Healthy Minds to launch a collaboration to understand well-being in organizational culture. 

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Watch "Your Brain at Work" Webcast
December 9, 2015

Watch the free webcast, join the conversation.

Man sitting in front of computer to demonstrate doing mindfulness exercise while at work
Guided Practice: Break for a Body Scan
December 7, 2015

Break from a busy day to pay attention to your breath, body and thoughts

Hands holding to demonstrate compassion meditation
Guided Practice: Compassion at Work
December 2, 2015

Strengthen your compassion to benefit yourself and others

A pen lying on top of a notebook to demonstrate good leadership
How Science Informs Good Leadership
October 26, 2015

Good leaders are likely to have these things in common