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Learning How Emotional Styles Affect Well-Being

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We have developed and validated the Emotional Style Questionnaire (ESQ), a 24-item self-report measure that captures how people vary across six dimensions that make up a healthy emotional life.

These six dimensions – outlook, resilience, social intuition, self-awareness, sensitivity to context and awareness – are based on a theoretical framework drawn from neuroscientific studies of emotion. 

Our studies reveal ESQ as a psychometrically solid and easily implementable instrument that can be used to gauge healthy emotionality and its components in both clinical and research settings.

Learn more and take the Emotional Styles Questionnaire.

Download the Emotional Style Questionnaire Research Tool

Research tool provided by Healthy Minds Innovationsan external, affiliated nonprofit dedicated to supporting the mission of the Center for Healthy Minds.

People Working on This Study

Richard J. Davidson
Founder, Center for Healthy Minds & Healthy Minds Innovations, William James & Vilas Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry
Pelin Kesebir
Pelin Kesebir
Honorary Fellow, Former Assistant Scientist, Center for Healthy Minds

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