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The Art and Science of Human Flourishing Course
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Explore what it means to flourish and acquire the knowledge and skills that can help you realize a flourishing life.

For millennia, human cultures have offered various recipes for “flourishing,” a life filled with deep satisfaction, resilience, accomplishment and purpose. In this class, students will learn some key ingredients of flourishing and will reflect on their personal identity and values to explore what their unique recipe for flourishing might be, while learning skills - such as mindfulness - that can contribute to its realization.

Awareness: Focus, emotions, mindfulness

Connection: Interdependence, compassion, diversity

Wisdom: Identity, values, gratitude

Integration: Courage, community

Each week we will explore a specific theme, with the goal of facilitating expanded self-awareness, attention regulation and focus, enhanced social connectivity, community engagement and identifying ones’ unique purpose and passion to cultivate a more meaningful life.

"I previously thought flourishing was shown by the amount of success one encounters. But it isn’t measured at all. It’s the small end goals and everything we do leading up to those goals. Transforming and being resilient are our checkpoints. It’s being built brick by brick by each individual human.”

-Marcellus Lawrence, 2020 Art & Science of Student Human Flourishing Student and PEOPLE Program Scholar

“This class has a major effect on everything that I’m a part of. Having the space, having this class, absolutely reduces stress.”

-Asher Bernick-Roehr, former student