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World Kindness Day 2020

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Double your support of our work to spread kindness. All gifts will be matched on 11.13.2020.

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Measures of Kindness

Updated as of 11/13/2020


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Acts of Kindness

Lorri cuddles up with her cute foster pup Berti for some pet kindness

Marianne spends some quality mother daughter time, observing nature

Saasha enjoys a virtual gathering with a friend, a great way to keep connected!

Shaun enjoys some quality R&R with his pup Flora.

Katerina promotes composting as we look into ways of showing kindness to our environment

Messy fingers full of cuteness, while cooking with Brendon's family

Sasha demonstrates how to keep your body centered in a relaxing practice

Nancy reminds us how Kindness rocks!

Terry created these beautiful kindness rocks and left them for neighbors to find!

Undergrad Development Specialist Saasha writes a lovely postcard to her friend.

Senior Director of Development Lisa, sends her neighbor a home-arranged bouquet of flowers
Join Us for World Kindness Day

"Love this and love all the work the Center does."

- Mary

"This was the best start to my day!"

- Lisa

"Powerful message. Thank you for holding ground for sanity."


"Cooking is indeed one of the best actions if you need grounding: all the smelling and tasting and touching appeals to my senses and helps me be in the now. My husband quite likes the idea"

- Friederike

"Lovely thoughts for everyone reading this!"


"I love the loving feeling you receive and give with notes. Thanks for the reminder to spread the love "


"For sure such acts are beneficial, but under the scientific perspective would be good to know what "happiness and well-being." means exactly. "


Want more science with heart?

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