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Elizabeth Nord
Elizabeth Nord
Research Specialist, Institute on Aging

Elizabeth works for the Emotion and Wellness study currently with primary responsibilities in data collection during in-person study visits, undergraduate student supervision, and data processing and checking. Other tasks include readying data for sharing to the NIMH data archive per data sharing agreements, and contributing to group conversations surrounding process improvements and development of measures for our longitudinal work.

She is interested how to relay science and our findings in a lay fashion both to engage research participants as well as cultivate their trust. Our research could not happen without subjects giving of their time and energy, and we owe it to them to foster a mutually beneficial partnership however short term the actual study participation lasts.


BA Journalism - Indiana University

What does well-being mean to me?

“Being resourced with enough physical energy and emotional wherewithal to feel a calm centeredness - social network, connectedness with nature, some practice in self-acceptance, and love from my cat helps in this maintenance."

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