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Equity Advisory Council

Alex Gee
Alex Gee
Senior Pastor, Foundation of Life Covenant Church Inc.; President, Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development
Dr  Michelle Johnson Jennings
Michelle Aihina Inkinsh Holhpokunna Johnson-Jennings
Canadian Research Chair (CRC) in Indigenous Community Engaged Research; Associate professor in Indigenous Studies; Associate in Community Health and Epidemiology in Medicine, University of Saskatchewan (Canada). Affiliate Associate Professor, University of Colorado and the University of Washington
Laura Rendon
Laura Rendón
Professor Emerita, University of Texas-San Antonio
Mahadeo Sukhai
Mahadeo Sukhai
Director of Research and Chief Inclusion & Accessibility Officer - IDEA Team, Canadian National Institute for the Blind
Julian thayer 8156
Julian F. Thayer
Distinguished Professor of Psychological Science, School of Social Ecology, University of California Irvine