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Jane Sachs
Jane Sachs
Research Program Manager, Center for Healthy Minds

Jane is the Children and Well-Being Research Program Manager and Well-Being Study Program Manager. She oversees projects that promote well-being in children, parents and teachers through mindfulness-based training. This includes a grant from the Department of Education that aims to better understand the impact of mindfulness in schools among both children and teachers; the Mindfulness-Based Parenting Program that fosters well-being in the home environment of young children in order to set children on a healthy developmental trajectory; and the Pre-Service Teachers Project that examines whether well-being training can build resiliency in pre-service teachers.


B.A., Psychobiology and B.A., Sociology & Anthropology, Swarthmore College

M.B.E., Medical Ethics and Health Policy, University of Pennsylvania

M.P.H., Public Health, University of Wisconsin–Madison