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Awareness Practice for Kids

Photo by michel tripepi via iStock

In collaboration with Wisconsin Public Television, Center founder Richard Davidson shares a short awareness practice for kids. 

The practice teaches children to tune into their senses using their eyes, ears and feelings. This video is part of a series of well-being videos for young viewers.

3-2-1 Awareness Practice

I have a game for you called 3-2-1 Awareness. All we need is our attention. We start by noticing things that we see, so look around the room that you're in and note three things that you use. This is bringing attention to what you see with your eyes, your visual perception. 

Next, we notice things that we hear. For this one, we have to be a little quieter and listen. What are two things that you hear? 

Finally, we notice something we feel. For this we can use our sense of touch, like how our skin feels or the sensations in our body, like if we're hungry or happy. So what is one thing that you feel? 

There are so many different things we can feel. If you're with someone, you can see if they feel something similar to your or something different. Thanks so much for playing.

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