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Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit for UW–Madison Students

Mar 11 to Mar 12, 2021

The Center for Healthy Minds is partnering with UW–Madison Student Affairs, University Health Services and University Recreation & Wellbeing to present a two-day summit designed to encourage students to take a break and care for their mental and physical health. The live events are geared to UW–Madison students. Sessions will be recorded and available for anyone to view after the summit.

Sessions presented by the Center for Healthy Minds

Live Guided Drop-in Meditations

The Center for Healthy Minds is presenting two guided drop-in meditation sessions on Friday morning, hosted by Scott Anderson and Stephanie Wagner

Live session: Mindfulness for Boosting Resilience and Lowering Stress

How can we use mindfulness to manage stress and be more resilient in the face of everyday challenges? This session will demystify meditation and explore the topic in a practical, experiential way you can build upon and draw from at any time. John Dunne, faculty at the Center for Healthy Minds, will lead this session.

Live session: Flourishing in Contentious Times
How can we find ways to flourish amid division and hardship? In this session, Tony Chambers, Director of Equity, Inclusion and Innovation at the Center for Healthy Minds and Instructor for The Art and Science of Human Flourishing course at UW–Madison, will explore skills for students to flourish. All students are welcome to attend this session, but it will be designed with BIPOC students in mind and will focus on the challenges, opportunities and conditions necessary for flourishing to occur.

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