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3 Ways for First-Year Students to Flourish at UW–Madison
June 15, 2024

So you’re new to the University of Madison-Wisconsin?

There’s a few things to know to take on your first year with a positive outlook. Focusing on mental health and cultivating well-being is essential, so here are some helpful tips to ensure you flourish during your first year and beyond at UW–Madison.

1. Take the Course Only Available to First-Year Students: The Art & Science of Human Flourishing

Mental health problems during the transition to college can impact college achievement, graduation rates and labor market outcomes in adulthood. So, wouldn’t it be great if there was an academic approach to support student mental health and well-being? The good news is the time is now to take a course that gets you closer to graduation and will help you with the rest of your academic career and beyond.

The Art and Science of Human Flourishing (ASHF) is a course only available to first-year students that explores how to have a “life of flourishing” – a life filled with deep satisfaction, resilience, accomplishment and purpose through experiential learning in awareness, connection, and other meditation techniques that support flourishing.

Learn more about the ASHF course and remember to register for the 2023 upcoming semester when you’re signing up for classes.

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2. Join the Student Org: Healthy Minds on Campus

Well-being is more than a buzz word here! Healthy Minds on Campus is a fun way to meet new people and cultivate your own well-being and mental health. The UW–Madison student organization evolved out of The Art and Science of Human Flourishing course and is open to all students.

The group’s purpose is to provide a space for students to discuss and learn about evidence-based practices and habits that support well-being, to foster individual and group meditation and to continue to grow as students and healthy-minded people.

Reach out to HMoC by emailing [email protected], follow HMoC on Instagram and learn more about it on their website.

3. Tap into UW-Madison Resources

Last, there’s many resources to benefit new students at UW-Madison. For starters, here are just a few:

  • Use the First-Year Check List, including checking out student housing, new student events and more!

  • Be aware of mental health resources provided by UW–Madison. Explore University Health Services resources now.

We at the Center for Healthy Minds hope these tips will make your first year at UW–Madison a great one that’s fulfilling and full of flourishing.