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The Path to a Healthy Mind - Healthy Minds Innovations Offers App for Free
October 3, 2019

Center Founder and Director Richard Davidson presented at TEDxSanFrancisco in October, where he spoke about the path to a healthy mind. As you know, there is a growing body of research both at the Center and across the scientific community that shows that a few minutes of mental training per day can change the brain and improve well-being.

In an effort to get these types of trainings in the hands of more people, our colleagues at Healthy Minds Innovations, the external, affiliated nonprofit dedicated to supporting the mission of the Center for Healthy Minds, are offering the Healthy Minds Program for free to any individual who wants to begin a daily practice, thanks to the generosity of our funders and donors. The Healthy Minds Program is a mobile app that leverages the research from the Center to help users learn how to strengthen qualities of a healthy mind with simple practices they can apply in daily life. Those using the mobile app are also participating in research as citizen scientists, helping our researchers learn more about what works and for whom. Visit the Healthy Minds Program page for more details and a download link.

Preview Of Foundations App

The app is made freely available to individuals thanks to our partners.

 The app can help you:

  • Learn about the science of well-being from leading experts

  •  Build a daily habit through guided practice

  •  Measure your well-being and track progress

The TEDx talk is viewable online here. Feel free to share the app with those in your network to help us reach even more people.

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