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Wisconsin Public Television Partners with the Center for Healthy Minds in Mindfulness Research For New Educator Resources
September 10, 2019

After collaborating with the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin Public Television (WPT) Education has released Kindness in the Classroom, a new, multi-part video series designed to give pre-k and kindergarten educators insight into the positive impacts of teaching mindfulness in a classroom setting. The series focuses on implementing the Kindness Curriculum, a free 24-lesson mindfulness-based guide designed for early learners, researched and developed by the Center for Healthy Minds, a global leader in the scientific research of the mind, emotions and well-being. The video series and accompanying resources are now available for free online access at 

“The Center for Healthy Minds’ Kindness Curriculum had been researched and developed, and they were looking for ways to welcome more Early Learning educators to the practice of classroom mindfulness,” said Megan Monday, WPT Education Executive Producer. “We developed Kindness in the Classroom to provide educators with multiple entry points into the practice.” 

Kindness in the Classroom introduces the foundational concepts of classroom mindfulness, shares insights directly from teachers with experience implementing the Kindness Curriculum and offers an opportunity to practice mindfulness. The project website includes the five-part video series, a downloadable version of the Center for Healthy Minds’ Kindness Curriculum, information on the research behind the curriculum and details the Wisconsin-specific and national learning standards met by the curriculum. 

See the full news release here.

Kindness Curriculum Videos

Courtesy of Wisconsin Public Television

Overview of the Kindness Curriculum

Learn about the Kindness Curriculum—including the direct benefits of teaching mindfulness in a classroom setting. 

Attention to Breath and Body

Watch the ways students learn mindfulness by paying attention to their senses, breath and body movements with the Kindness Curriculum. 

Caring and Emotions

Explore how students recognize and work with their emotions, learning to care for themselves and others with the Kindness Curriculum. 

Tips and Tricks

In this video, educators share tips and tricks to incorporating the Kindness Curriculum in their classrooms. 

Guided Meditation

This is a short, guided mindfulness exercise developed as part of "Kindness in the Classroom." 

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