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News: Your Well-Being

Pride Flag In Honor Of Pride Month
Your Well-Being
Healthy Minds in Practice: Pride In Who We Are
June 8, 2021

All the parts of our identities make us unique and different. In this 10-minute practice, we'll consider how they can be a source of growth, connection and strength.

Someone Using The Healthy Minds Program App At Home
Your Well-Being
Healthy Minds app provides relief from pandemic stress
May 18, 2021

The Healthy Minds Program was featured by UW–Madison as an example of how university and affiliated organizations power the state’s economy through research and innovation, educates the next generation and reaches out to Wisconsinites to improve their lives.

Person Looking Out Over A City
Your Well-Being
Healthy Minds in Practice: Reconnect to the World
May 11, 2021

In this 10 minute practice, we reflect on learnings and wisdom we have gained over the past year and how to  intentionally carry that forward as we begin to reconnect with the world around us. 

Dandelion As A Symbol For New Beginnings
Your Well-Being
Healthy Minds in Practice: A New Beginning
April 6, 2021

In this 10 minute practice, we reflect on challenging times and carry lessons learned forward for a new beginning this spring.

Person Hugging A Tree And Having Gratitude For Nature
Your Well-Being
Giving Gratitude and Receiving Resilience Guided Meditation
March 10, 2021

This meditation, hosted by Loka Director Dekila Chungyalpa, practices Tonglen with Nature on how to give gratitude and receive resilience in the natural world.

College Students Wearing Masks And Staying Distant During Covid
Your Well-Being
Students Find Strength in Uncertainty, with Boost from UW Flourishing Course
February 24, 2021

Nearly 150 UW–Madison students took part in a new kind of class that focused not on traditional subjects like chemistry or literature, but rather their own minds. The Art and Science of Human Flourishing was designed with first-year students in mind and many students experienced personal growth from life’s setbacks and a renewed sense of meaning in their lives.