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Educator Well-Being During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Stress in teachers has been well documented prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, yet with the massive changes in remote learning, the health risks associated with in-person instruction, and the uncertainty of the pandemic, we expect teacher stress to have worsened. The Healthy Minds Program – an app designed by the Center and its non-profit, Healthy Minds Innovations – integrates mental exercises into daily life, with an approach that parallels the way physical exercise becomes a part of healthy living. In this randomized controlled trial, Wisconsin educators will either receive four. weeks of the program or be assigned to a control condition where access to the program will be provided after data collection. 

There are three main aims to this study:

  1. Examine whether 4-weeks of the Healthy Minds Program results in reduced psychological stress and increased well-being; 
  2. Explore the relationship between intervention engagement and outcomes; 
  3.  Explore predictors of intervention engagement in the digital space. This last aim is important because online or app-based interventions are rapidly expanding, but engagement tends to be low and drop-out rates high. To support well-being at scale in an environment where in-person intervention is not possible, it is critical to understand how best to engage and retain participants. 

People Working on This Study

Simon Goldberg
Core Faculty at the Center for Healthy Minds, Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology
Matthew Hirshberg
Matt Hirshberg
Research Assistant Professor, Center for Healthy Minds
Corrina Frye
Former Senior Research Specialist, Center for Healthy Minds
Riordan Web
Kevin M. Riordan
Graduate Student, Department of Counseling Psychology
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