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Simon Goldberg
Honorary Fellow, Center for Healthy Minds

Simon was a PhD student in Counseling Psychology. He assisted with project management, data collection and data analysis for translational intervention research investigating the effects of mindfulness and kindness training on children and adolescents.

Simon has an interest in the attentional, interpersonal and affective impact of mindfulness and compassion training on children and adults. He is also interested in alternatives to self-report methodologies for assessing these traits (and/or states) and in the effects and mechanisms of psychotherapeutic interventions more generally.

Simon will be completing his pre-doctoral internship at the VA Puget Sound – Seattle Division. He will be continuing collaboration with the Center for Healthy Minds through a Varela Award.


2010 University Fellowship, University of Wisconsin–Madison; Varela Award from Mind & Life (December,2015); Barnett Psychotherapy Research Award from APA Division 29 (August 2015); Howard Award from Society for Psychotherapy Research (June 2015)


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B.A., Sociology, Tufts University