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Exploring the Impact of an In-Home Parent-Child Mindfulness Training Program

vadimguzhva via iStock photo

A primary goal of this study was to determine the acceptability and feasibility of a new parent-child mindfulness training program. This program was delivered in the home with 8 to 10-year-old children and their parents, and was determined to be acceptable and feasible based on participants’ feedback and quantitative data.

A next step for this work is to tailor this program for children with chronic illness. The opportunity to deliver mindfulness-based programs to families in home settings could be of great value in situations where family mobility is limited, which is often the case for a variety of reasons. In addition, the home environment provides the instructor with a rich source of information that is not accessible in group settings or outside the home. 

People Working on This Study

Sarah Short
Sarah J. Short
Core Faculty at the Center for Healthy Minds, Dorothy Jones King Distinguished Chair in Educational Psychology, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology
Macy Ratliff Web
Macy Lawrence Ratliff
Mindfulness Instructor and Research Associate, LMHCA
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