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Finger Tracing Practice for Kids

Photo by MimaCZ via iStock

In collaboration with Wisconsin Public Television, Center well-being expert Chad McGehee shares a finger tracing mindfulness practice for kids. 

The practice teaches children to use their hands to draw attention to their breath. This video is part of a series of well-being videos for young viewers.

Finger Tracing Practice

Join us for a moment to do a practice called Tracing Fingers. First, put one hand in front. With your other hand, your finger goes at the bottom of your thumb. Breathing in, move up. Breathing in, move down. Breathing in, and up, out and down. Breathing in and out. Following the rhythm of your own breath. 

Notice, after doing this practice, is your body calm? What thoughts are you thinking? Can you think of a time when you could do a practice like this during the day? Keep trying this at home and we’ll see you next time when we get up and go.

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