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News: Well-Being In The Workplace

Close up of a violin to show that learning well-being is like learning how to play a violin
Learning To Be Happy Is "No Different Than Learning The Violin"
January 23, 2015

Richard Davidson shares why well-being can be learned with HuffPo Live

Subway in a station demonstrating how to integrate well-being in daily life
Making Well-Being Part of Daily Life
July 8, 2014

What are practical ways to incorporate well-being skills into your daily life?

Yellow sticky notes on a blue wall with different emotion expressions demonstrating that people experience may different emotions
What's Your Emotional Style?
September 20, 2021

Learn about our research and your own emotional style

Richard Davidson, Thomas Insel and Joe Palca at the World Economic Forum
The Human Brain: Deconstructing Mindfulness
September 20, 2021

What's the latest science behind meditation and well-being?