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Try the 5-3-1 Practice

The 5-3-1 Practice from the Center for Healthy Minds is a set of informal tips aimed at cultivating well-being.

Scientist and Center Founder Richard Davidson and Clinical Psychologist Shilagh Mirgain brought well-being to the Today Show workplace on its segment on happiness.

Mirgain shared the 5-3-1 Practice, originally developed in partnership with well-being workplace facilitator Jill McDermott.

Try it yourself.


Meditate 5 minutes per day. For many people, focusing on the breath or taking a break from your to-do list helps de-stress and calm the mind. Follow the guided meditation in the video at the end of this list.


Write down 3 good things that happened today. Previous research in individuals suggests a positive relationship between gratitude and higher levels of well-being.


Do 1 act of kindness. Whether it's holding the door for the person behind you or paying someone a heartfelt compliment, generous behavior is not only good for the person receiving it, but also for the giver.

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