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Mindfulness-Based Parenting Program

Image by pixelheadphoto via iStockPhoto

Center experts researched the impact of a mindful parenting program to help address stressors and demands of parenting as well as promote positive and supportive parent-child interactions. To develop a prototype of the program, we partnered with Dane County Head Start, an organization that serves a high-need and high-risk youth population.

We developed a program for parents of young children, from birth to 5 years of age – a critical period of development both emotionally and cognitively for fostering well-being in the home environment and to set children on a healthy developmental trajectory.

The Center team has been working closely with parents to gather feedback and refine the training, with the goal of studying the fully developed program in the context of a randomized controlled trial to assess the impact of training on parents and their children.

People Working on This Study

Richard J. Davidson
Founder, Center for Healthy Minds & Healthy Minds Innovations, William James & Vilas Professor of Psychology & Psychiatry
Lisa Flook
Lisa Flook
Former Associate Scientist, Center for Healthy Minds
Jane Sachs
Jane Sachs
Former Research Program Manager, Center for Healthy Minds
Heather Williams
Former Associate Research Specialist, Center for Healthy Minds

Media Related to this Project

Mom's Everyday: Mindful parenting
Apr 24, 2019
Hosts discuss research from the Center for Healthy Minds that talks about how mindful parenting practices can open up communication with adolescents.
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