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Well-Being Toolkit for Children, Educators and Parents

While research regarding mindfulness practices for children is still at an early stage, initial results point to potential benefits in children’s ability for self-regulation. Developing an ability to focus attention is an essential skill that can aid in kids’ relationships, school, sports, music and other areas of life.

This well-being toolkit is intended for educators, parents and caregivers of children. We have included tips, audio and video practices, our Kindness Curriculum and more resources for you.

Kindness Curriculum

Our mindfulness-based Kindness Curriculum is a complete set of practices used in one of our studies in preschool classrooms, freely available to you.

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More Education Tools and Resources

Well-Being Videos

Mindful Movement for Young Learners

Lisa Thomas Prince, an outreach specialist with the Center for Healthy Minds, shares a practice for young learners to promote well-being.

Awareness Practice for Kids

In this practice, lead by Center Founder and Director Richard Davidson, kids can learn a technique to cultivate their attention through being aware of their senses.

Finger Tracing Practice for Kids

Center well-being expert Chad McGehee shares a mindfulness-based practice to help kids calm the mind.

Body Movement Practice for Kids

Center well-being expert Abby Lindemann leads young viewers through an exercise using awareness of the body to notice emotions and feelings.

 "Slow Mo Catch" Practice for Kids

McGehee leads children through a brief breathing practice that can be used to foster attention and calm. 

Being Mindful During a 'Thought Parade'

McGehee shares strategies for young adults on how to relate to our flurry of thoughts with a more mindful attitude.

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More Well-Being, Decoded

Learn the latest from our research, see recent media mentions and experience some of the practices we study.