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The Science of a Happy Mind

Center Founder Richard Davidson discusses the science of well-being with National Geographic Live.

In part one, Davidson talks about his research findings and the four main areas of scientific research that support his work: neuroplasticity, epigenetics, mind/body communication and innate basic goodness.

In part two, Davidson talks about his research findings and the four fundamental components that, he has found, contribute to well-being: resilience, positive outlook, attention and generosity.

This event was supported by a collaboration among the Center for Healthy Minds, the Mind & Life Institute and National Geographic Live.

"The invitation in all of this work is that we can take more responsibility for our own brains and shape our brains wittingly in a more intentional way by cultivating healthy habits of mind."

Richard Davidson

"There are very simple ways of cultivating a positive outlook. When you do those simple kinds of practices, we’ve shown that both behavior and the brain changes. It doesn’t take much."

Richard Davidson
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