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Well-Being Course with Richard Davidson
Davidson Free Course

Please note: The Life Reimagined Course was available for a limited time and is no longer available.

Center for Healthy Minds Founder and Neuroscientist Richard Davidson has spent the last 30 years researching the intimate relationship between meditation, emotions and brain health. And he’s found that by practicing a few specific meditation exercises, it’s possible to change your brain and build well-being.

In a course from Life Reimagined, Davidson explained what he calls the six Dimensions of Emotional Style, which are a guide to show how we behave during social interactions, while facing adversity and while navigating life’s curveballs.

He showed participants how to find out where they fall on the spectrum for each dimension of emotional style. And he shows meditation practices that can help participants change their brains and emotional style to increase focus, decrease stress, and help cultivate a more caring and mindful life.

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