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Mind, Brain and Emotion Archive

Archived Studies

Photo of hand sensor collecting pulse from Center for Healthy Minds
Brief Trainings to Buffer Against Acute Stress Effects

Center scientists are evaluating and comparing the effectiveness of brief trainings to buffer against the negative effects that acute stress has on behavior and cognitive abilities.

Photo of reflection of person in puddle by micaelnuss via iStock
Cognitive Processing and Rumination

Researchers at the Center studied how people who ruminate respond differently to stresses and how this might impact mental health and well-being.

Anatomical brain illustration by rudall30 via iStock
Conscious and Unconscious Emotional Processing

Center researchers seek to unearth how the brain processes emotions differently depending on a person’s awareness of what’s causing that emotion.

Empathy Frameworks Web
Exploring New Frameworks of Empathy

Drawing from empathic accuracy tasks and imaging data from an adolescent population, this project explores additional frameworks of empathy ­that more fully examine two components of empathy.

African American Mother Holding Baby To Demonstrate The Importance Of Healthy Infant Mother Relationships
Investigating the Effects of Mindfulness-Based Training on Mother and Infant Brain Development

How does Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) impact the brains of infants and their mothers?

Infant Mri Cropped Web
Neurobiology of Emotion Regulation and Developmental Stress

How do early experiences shape a person’s chances of developing symptoms associated with depression and anxiety? Center scientists are studying risk factors and longitudinal data to learn more.

Broken Pencil Exam Michaelquirk I Stock
Risk for Depression and Cognitive Processing Following A Stressful Event

How does cognitive and neural processing of stress-related information differ in individuals with a high risk of depression?

Photo of photographer reflection on metal by David Goehring via Flickr
Self-Concept and Well-Being

Center researchers are examining how flexibility in self-image influences well-being and pro-social behavior.

Military boots moving by ChrisSuperseal via iStockPhoto
Veteran Wellness Study

Center researchers are exploring how to improve the lives of veterans by expanding the range of treatments available for PTSD and learning more about the brain mechanisms involved in PTSD and its treatment.