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Leandro Chernicoff
Leandro Chernicoff
Graduate Student, Department of Educational Psychology and the Center for Healthy Minds

Leandro is a graduate student at the Center and the UW–Madison Department of Educational Psychology. He is interested in the development of cognitive, affective and behavioral skills to foster well-being and alleviate suffering. This started as a personal quest, and for the last five years he has collaborated as Academic Director of AtentaMente, a Mexican nonprofit focused on teaching these very skills to adults, children and teens. He is also a physicist and a full-time professor at one of three public universities in Mexico City (UACM), teaching college level math and physics for the last 14 years.

Leandro has developed a curriculum to promote attention, emotion regulation as well as prosocial behavior, conducting research to assess its efficacy. Different variations of this curriculum are being developed and implemented for the general public, the workplace and in educational settings in Mexico.

Through an iterative process of curriculum development, implementation and research, he hopes to develop a comprehensive, evidence-based well-being training program.

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