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N Minix
Natalie Minix
Research Intern, Center for Healthy Minds

Natalie is a visiting research intern working under Dr. Sarah Short on the Baby Brain and Behavior project, a research initiative investigating how early experiences influence brain and emotion-related development in the first two years of life. A Wisconsin native and 2016 UW graduate with a bachelors in psychology, she is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Neuroscience at the University of Freiburg in Freiburg, Germany, and will finish the research portion of the degree under the direction of Dr. Short here at UW. Her interests include neuroimaging, neural correlates of psychiatric disease and their treatments, the neuropsychology of eating behavior, and the clinical applications and neural correlates of mindfulness-based interventions in psychiatric and non-psychiatric populations. Natalie is excited to be back in Madison and to join the innovative team at CHM.


M.Sc., Neuroscience, University of Freiburg (Anticipated Graduation: January 2023)

B.A., Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2016)

What does well-being mean to me?

"Well-being is a state in which the body, mind, and heart are all consistently and gently nourished, and the full-range of our sometimes turbulent (but often mundane) human experience is acknowledged, accepted, and peacefully welcomed."