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Nicci Schmidt
Research Program Manager, Center for Healthy Minds

Nicci is the manager for the Conte Center’s Baby Brain and Behavior Project, a series of studies concerning pregnancy and a baby’s first two years of life. The goal of the project is to learn more about how experiences during pregnancy and the first years of life relate to child brain development and well-being.

Nicci facilitates cooperative relationships with research cores and stakeholders. Nicci brings nearly twenty years of experience with all aspects of the research enterprise, including extensive experience with clinical and pediatric assessment.

Nicci also manages the Wisconsin Twin Research, a set of epidemiological twin studies from birth to young adulthood, under UW–Madison faculty member Hill Goldsmith.


M.S., Counseling Psychology, University of Wisconsin–Madison

What does well-being mean to me?

"Embodied alignment between inner and outer life."