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Paul Franz BW1
Paul Franz
Education Specialist, Center for Healthy Minds

Paul is an Education Specialist at the Loka Initiative. He helps develop and implement Loka’s educational projects. In his nearly two decades as an educator, curriculum designer, and researcher, Paul has worked in a variety of roles, ranging from 8th grade English teacher to Director of Research at an EdTech startup. Social-emotional learning has been a particular focus of Paul’s work. He has lead professional development on curriculum, assessment, and student engagement, and has coached over a dozen schools through policy changes related to student health and well-being. His written work has appeared in the Review of Higher Education, ASCD’s EL Magazine, and on EdSurge.


MA - Learning, Design, and Technology - Stanford University

BA - Liberal Arts - St. John's College

What does well-being mean to me?

"Well-being is, to me, what happens when we start from an unshakeable position of compassion and empathy for others, ourselves, and the earth, and become from there."