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Xin Zhaos headshot
Xin Zhao
Research Coordinator, Center for Healthy Minds

Xin Zhao is a Research Coordinator at the Center for Healthy Minds. He works under the supervision of Dr. Simon Goldberg on the Behavior, Biology, and Well-being (BeWell) study. His research interests revolve around identifying and resolving barriers to mental health services, and developing digital therapeutics for people at risk of mental health issues. Specifically, he is interested in integrating mindfulness into cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) delivered by smartphones and developing culturally adapted just-in-time interventions to make digital mental health services more accessible, affordable, and effective for marginalized individuals. Outside of work, he enjoys cooking, connecting with nature, and playing the piano.


B.S., Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

What does well-being mean to me?

"Maintaining connections with people who care about me, having self-compassion, living life to the fullest, and remaining calm in the face of dilemmas."