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Endang Fourianalistyawati
Graduate Researcher, Department of Human Development and Family Studies and the Center for Healthy Minds

Endang is a graduate researcher in Center for Healthy Minds and a graduate student in the department of Human Development and Family Studies, at School of Human Ecology. She works with AWARE lab under supervision of Dr. Larissa Duncan. 

Endang is interested in the well-being of pregnant women, particularly high-risk pregnant women who live in Indonesia, and using mindfulness interventions to help pregnant women enhance their well being. Some of her previous research was concerned with quality of life of pregnant women who experienced stress and depression, mindfulness trait psychometric properties for Indonesian people from various age range, and transpersonal approach. This eventually piqued her interest in mindfulness interventions related to the psychological conditions of pregnant women and their families. She joined Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting (MBCP) training series since 2017 to deepen her expertise on mindfulness as a powerful approach for pregnant women and their spouses and become the first MBCP Teacher in Indonesia under supervisory of the MBCP’s founder, Nancy Bardacke, RN, MA, CNM.

Since 2008, in addition to being an expert consultant at Insight Institute Indonesia, she has worked as a lecturer, researcher, and clinical psychologist at Universitas YARSI in Jakarta, Indonesia in the psychology department. She integrates mindfulness and transpersonal psychology into personality psychology, mental health, counseling psychology, and psychotherapy amd creates social service programs such as introducing mindfulness and transpersonal therapy to other institutions and communities. She also teaches students psychology in a clear, communicable way.

Before working at YARSI, she was recruited at Crisis Center for Aceh Tsunami at the Universitas Gadjah Mada. She campaigned the concept of “psychologist” and “Mental Health program” to Aceh people and local health institution and built networks with barrack care units, Primary Health Care (Puskesmas), health clinics, hospital, and international NGOs. She provided psychotherapy to local people while developing an integrated health referral system in the hospital, as well as designed psycho-educational trainings for teachers, religious leaders, and Department of Health staff. 

What does well-being mean to me?

"The time when we have connection with the universe and have inner peace moment."